website van beterbingo
The website of BeterBingo

BeterBingo is first and foremost a website where online bingo can be played. But BeterBingo is much more. At BeterBingo first comes the generously rewarding and serve the regular customers. This is reflected on all fronts. First, there is of course a large variety of bingo games options. In addition, one can also find an extensive range of other online games such as slot machines, card games and scratch cards. Social contact is promoted by a variety of functions, what by chatting during the bingo game will result in animated contact with other returning players.

Win Bingo prices

Besides entertainment and socializing bingo is also played for profit. BeterBingo offers a range of reasonable rates and generous cash prizes, bonuses as you will not find anywhere else and generous jackpots; both guaranteed and progressive. To make frequently playing even more attractive we have taken great care to the loyalty program . The comprehensive services are further complemented by an excellent online customer service and ample attention to the safety.

How does it work?

bingospel van beterbingo
The  bingogame of BeterBingo

Although everything is so well arranged that it is really self-explanatory, we would like to give a brief overview of what you can expect in practice. After filling out the form on the website (Join Now) and activating the account (using the link in the email you receive) you can play instant with the free sign-up bonus of € 5 . Just click on the home screen on ‘Play Now’.

In the ‘Room Selector’ then can be chosen from 90 ball and 75 ball bingo rooms. To this end, all the important information appears on the screen: different start times, card rates, recently won cash prizes and the balance of the progressive jackpot. Click on the play button gives access to the play screen, which is displayed in three vertical sections:

bingokaarten kopen
Bingokaarten kopen

Left you’ll find a countdown until the next game starts and you can find here also the ticket sales based on automatic, random selection. For every 4 tickets purchased the player receives one bonus card. The self manually selecting of bingo cards can be done in the top center. Below you can find the chat window. On the right site players are displayed and various settings can be changed. Like traditional bingo there are prizes for one line, two lines and a full card. If there are multiple winners, the prize will be divided.

Bingorooms and  jackpots

  •  ‘Ordinary’ 90 and 75 ball rooms. Open all day. Ticket prices of € 0,05 to € 1,00. Changing money prices also depends on the number of players and purchased tickets. Progressive jackpots.
  • Free bingo rooms. Progressive jackpots. Participation is free of charge. Prerequisite: money deposit of at least € 10 in the last 24 hours (Magic Money, daily at 22:30) or in the last 14 days (Fantasy Freebie, four times daily).
  • Tournament rooms. Guaranteed jackpots. € 250 from 11:00 in the ‘Rainbow Riches’ room. Twice € 125 and once € 250 between 20:00 and 22:00 in the ‘Pot of Gold’ room. A cash deposit must have been made in the last 14 days. Ticket prices € 0,10 and € 0,25.
  • Money Mountain‘. Greatest general progressive jackpot which may contain thousands of euros. There must have been a cash deposit in the past 3 months. Automatic chance during each bingo game in the usual 90 and 75 ball rooms. Profit in achieving a full bingo card in respectively less than (or equal to) 32 or 42 balls.
de keuze aan bingokamers
Several bingoroom options

Bonuses and game progress 


What perks you can expect at Better Bingo? Here’s a short overview.

  • Free € 5 sign-up bonus.
  • 300% welcome bonus based on the first deposit
  • By e-mail: periodic free bonuses of € 2 and revalue bonuses from 50% to 100%.
  • €10 bonus credit per successful friend’s reference.
  • Save more with the loyalty program.

There are rules related to bonuses. They need to be used several times before you can withdraw them. BeterBingo is keeping track: deposits and withdrawals (Transactions), playing history (Games Played) and the state of the bonuses (Bonus Report).

Upgrading and pay out 

De opwaardeermogelijkheden

After using the free sign up bonus the moment of the first money deposit will certainly come. If one wants – to play a bit to try out – first upgrade only small amounts, then this can be done via the phone (Pay per call). In order to use the 300% welcome bonus one can upgrade the money to play with iDeal or Paysafecard. At subsequent deposits you should always take into account the upgrade bonuses of 50% sent by e-mail weekly.

Cash out is just as easy: into the bank account within a few days. Provide correct entered information. Both when upgrading or when paying out the names used at BeterBingo and the bank should match . Note that only amounts are included that have been won on top of deposits, so one does not lose the associated bonuses yet that have to be played around a few times.

loyaliteits programma
Loyalty program

Loyalty program

It can hardly be better. 90 levels! You’ll automatically be entered from the moment of subscription. More and more benefits you’ll get at each level. And no need to worry, because saving for experience points (XPs, 1 per euro played) and gold coins (Gold Coins) goes virtually without saying and is tracked in the account. The gold coins, which bonus credit can be purchased in the store of BeterBingo, are earned with a – by level – pre-specified amount of experience points. For more information, see the article ‘Loyaliteitsprogramma’.

Social BeterBingo – the community
bingo community
Bingo community

To make it even cozier you’ll find in the top menu under ‘Community’ highlights the Facebook page, the chat options and chat games which can be played (including prices) during the bingo game. The chat games can be found -with explanation- in the game screen bottom left. Existing customers can be added to the friends list by clicking the cross behind a player name in the game screen. You can also refer friends. This option is located in your own account at the left (Refer a Friend). For each friend that actually makes a deposit, you will get € 10 bonus credit! The number of invitations and how many friends accepted the invitation are to find in an organized scheme.

So why BeterBingo?

Because it is safe, cheap, easy and fun and € 5 try out credit at registration is not something to worry about.